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“Dopaminergic Co-transmission With Sonic Hedgehog Inhibits Abnormal Involuntary Movements in Models of Parkinson’s Disease and L-Dopa Induced Dyskinesia”. (2021)

Communications Biology 2021
Malave, Lauren, Dustin R. Zuelke, Santiago Uribe-Cano, Lev Starikov, Heike Rebholz, Eitan Friedman, Chuan Qin, Qin Li, Erwan Bezard, and Andreas H. Kottmann


“Diminished Ventral Oligodendrocyte Precursor Generation Results in the Subsequent Over-production of Dorsal Oligodendrocyte Precursors of Aberrant Morphology and Function”. (2020)

Neuroscience 2020
Starikov, Lev and Andreas H. Kottmann


“The Dopamine D5 receptor contributes to activation of cholinergic interneurons during L-DOPA induced dyskinesia”. (2020)

Sci Rep. 2020
Castello, Julia, Marisol Cortés, Lauren Malave, Andreas H. Kottmann, David R. Sibley, Eitan Friedman, and Heike Rebholzn


“Sonic Hedgehog is expressed by hilar mossy cells and regulates cellular survival and neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus”. (2019)

Sci Rep. 2019
Gonzalez-Reyes, Luis E., Chia-Chu Chiang, Mingming Zhang, Joshua Johnson, Manuel Arrillaga-Tamez, Nicholas H. Couturier, Neha Reddy, Lev Starikov, Jefrey R. Capadona, Andreas H. Kottmann, and Dominique M. Durand


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